Sonia C.

I was lucky enough to meet Lauren McHale 4 years ago. Her words of inspiration and encouragement are rooted from her own experiences. Her emotions are raw, which inspired me to think deeper and dig deeper. Her life journey is open to anyone who is willing to listen. It is from there her inspiration for my journey begins. Lauren speaks the truth and guides me to seek the truth.

Kara L.

Lauren rocks!! She’s my first instructor for both yoga and SoulCycle, and she continues to be an inspiration! She’s a cheerleader for those who may struggle, and a drill sergeant for those looking to push their boundaries. She teaches to love ourselves, both inside and out, which is always a personal struggle for me! I had never really thought of exercise as such a spiritual experience, but the link between mind and body that Lauren fosters in her classes makes them the best I’ve ever taken!!

Bill S.

Lauren took me from a first timer to highly proficient in a year. She was very adaptive to my capabilities, physical limits, and medical needs. She focused on both mental and physical aspects of yoga. Lauren gave me the skills I needed to continue practicing yoga on my own and live a healthier happier life… Lauren made exercising at 6am a pleasure, combining the educational aspects of yoga while pushing me to improve my strength and physical endurance. The first time we met I knew very little about yoga but she was welcoming and persistent in teaching me both broad concepts and subtle technique improvements. Across the board a wonderful instructor and friendly too! Lauren is a great instructor who truly cares about seeing her students make noticeable progress and succeed. She always showed up with positive energy, a smile, and gave me the motivation I needed to improve myself.

Bree P.

I always look forward to classes that Lauren leads. She has been an inspiration. Her guidance empowered me to excel and be passionate about my personal fitness, flexibility, and willpower. I know I am going to feel amazing after yoga with Lauren!

Cory L.

I was given a great gift when Lauren became my first yoga instructor.  I had only a very small exposure prior to my first class, and I was nervous going in based on a lack of flexibility and years of abusing and injuring my body in a variety of sports.  Lauren was quick to see where she could help and provided great insight teaching me how to get the most out of every class.  She has a great eye and patience to help with adjustments when I struggle. Lauren's positive and energetic personality has made every single class a great experience!

Lauren P.

Lauren has been the Crome Architecture Yoga instructor for the past two years teaching private yoga in our office, and it has changed all of our lives in a such a beautiful way. She has an amazing ability to make you feel so comfortable and relaxed and focus on proper alignment, breathing, and loosening up your muscles and by the end of the class you feel so strong and energized and inspired. With every class she takes extra care in crafting the hour we spend with her to our abilities and needs while managing to push us further, and further each time. Some days we spend more time practicing our flows and some days we need pushups and crunches, it always feels amazing. Over the last two years Lauren has not only helped me strengthened and tone my body, but taught me how to care for it and to take time to notice what I am feeling, physically and emotionally. She has a beautiful perspective on life and so much positivity that she brings to each class and I am so grateful that I get to experience it.

Ti D.

I came to my first yoga lesson with Lauren McHale primarily as a courtesy to my peer group.  I had already convinced myself that yoga was not for me, and I didn’t anticipate participating in more that a few of the group yoga lessons.  Lauren has a casual teaching style and a brightly entertaining personality that makes the yoga lessons fun and keeps me coming back every chance that I get.  Our group was new to practicing yoga, but as time passed Lauren skillfully pushed us to new limits.  It is apparent that she caters each class to the attendees, but somehow every class seems perfect for me.  She always checks in with the group before class to gauge how we are feeling and if there are any parts of our bodies that need work and will adjust the class accordingly.  Lauren’s instruction is uniquely motivating and full of insight and life lessons.  I practice yoga to be a better person for myself and for the people in my life, and I think that Lauren is the best instructor that and yogi could wish for!

Bobby V.

I am taking yoga classes two three times a week and through this practice I have developed into a yoga snob! I have found Lauren’s classes consistently exceeding my expectations.  Lauren is a friendly, helpful and extremely adept teacher.  She does these great little dharma talks, based in her interpretation of some quotidian mental or emotional happenstance combined often with literary or art-based references, that she pulls through the entire session, and which I find effective in focusing my practice and subsequent mental state for the day.

Nai S.

Lauren is a very welcoming instructor. Lauren is the first yoga instructor I’ve done yoga with so as someone new to yoga I really appreciate that she stays aware that you’re doing each exercise correctly. There has been multiple times during her classes where she has corrected my form, which makes me feel welcomed. It also shows that she cares for your health. I mentioned to her my previous injuries, and she is also considerate of that too. Lastly, I love that her classes are always full of inspirational and empowering words.

Zarina K.

There is no such thing as a "bad" SoulCycle instructor and every instructor brings their own flair/flavor to the job. I think we can all agree on that. BUT: you can measure a truly talented instructor by what tangible impact they have on their riders. I've taken Lauren's class for 3 years. The tremendous impact she has on riders (like me) and other human beings is inspiring. She is a born leader, a fierce soul and speaks from the heart. Her classes are the most physically challenging ones I've taken and her style is entirely her own - I have yet to see any other instructor replicate what is uniquely Lauren, or do so successfully. To get more specific about the tangible impact Lauren had on my life, here's my story. I attribute my career success to Lauren because she has made me a more confident person. I am less afraid to ask for what I want. Thanks to Lauren, I have abs for the first time in my life and am in the best physical shape I've ever been in. I don't go to the gym - I buy SoulCycle classes and do occasional yoga so it's ALL Lauren. On an emotional level, on my worst days, Lauren made me laugh my ass off/sweat/cry/all of the above. Tonight, during her class, I realized that there was a point in time when I couldn’t do all the choreography but I kept coming back. I felt compelled to keep coming because Lauren creates community, cultivates a sense of being part of a "tribe" and believes in every single rider. Her ability to remember each and every person who walks through that door is impressive and it's another thing that sets her apart. I started bringing one of my best friends to her class 3 weeks ago and she too is obsessed now. Big thank you to Lauren for changing my life and turning me into an athlete again after years of doing college sports. Her class has made me a stronger, more confident, more direct and just BETTER person.

Neha G.

Lauren is honest and kind and hilarious and pushes you to see yourself in a new light - as a loving, relentless badass. she encourages me to work my ass off on the bike and shown me that i can do way more than i thought i could. i've found that that spills over to how i approach things later - at work, with family and friends - that i can do so much better and be so much better to the people around me.


All I want to say is that Lauren McHale is amazing. I've been taking her class for years now, and I am constantly in awe of her spirit.  Lauren always throws herself into her classes, which makes them so much more than a 45 minute work out.  She is always trying to push and inspire the people around her, even when we're all lagging. I truly admire her authenticity; Lauren puts all that she is into every class, even when she knows that some folks might not be open to it… She has helped me get through a lot of tough days, and I am grateful to her for all the emotion, energy, tenacity, kindness, and sweat she pours into every class.

Whitney L.

I was dealing with infertility and then spent about a year doing IVF. [Lauren’s] Monday evening class with some of my besties was one thing I did for my mental and physical health every week! [Lauren] helped me find my soul (weekly) during a very challenging and painful process. I did a SoulCycle class the morning before I went in for my final IVF procedure (3/3/16)… I got pregnant (!!!) but was advised by my doctor's to keep my heart rate under a certain amount while exercising. SoulCycle wasn't in the cards. I missed it so much but I [was] growing a healthy baby and I knew my time away was only temporary. Henry was born on 11/11/16. The little guy is truly a miracle and I am happy to report that I got back on a bike on [recently]. I was out of Soul shape but it felt so good… I'm sure you hear stories like this every day but what YOU do and what YOU give people is about so much more than an exercise class. Thank you and see you on a bike soon!

Lori B.

While I’ve been a faithful exerciser for most of my adult life I used to engage in exercise as a punitive activity. Everything was about numbers – numbers on the scale, numbers on the heart rate monitor, number of calories consumed, number of inches around my waist, etc. After riding with Lauren McHale at SoulCycle for almost four years, my idea of exercise and the reason for doing so has completely changed. With Lauren’s encouragement, leadership, honesty and selflessness I now view my workouts through a completely different lens. My workouts are no longer punitive, they are rewarding. Lauren has taught me to be proud of my physical strength, to be grateful for my beating heart and my ability to show up to class multiple times during the week. She has shown me how to connect the physical challenges I meet and surpass in her masterfully crafted cycling sessions to my everyday life. Success on and off the bike, inside and outside of the gym are not mutually exclusive. Thanks to Lauren’s coaching I’m in the best shape of my life – physically and mentally.


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