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NAMASWEAT is coming to Esalen October 4-6, 2019!

NAMASWEAT: Active Recovery and Self-Care with Lauren McHale.

How many times have you thought about improving your self-care routine but found yourself unsure of where to start, or intimidated by the process altogether? Psychologists define self-care as any activity that we do deliberately in order to take care of our mental, emotional, and physical health. Although this may seem like a simple concept in theory, it is often overlooked due to increasing demands on our time and energy. Self-care is the key to improving our mood, reducing anxiety, and improving our relationships with others and ourselves. NAMASWEAT is both a class and an ideology: finding a way to strike a balance between hard work and self-care that feels authentic and enjoyable. The class itself is a combination of yoga and functional strength training exercises set to high-energy music that will help alleviate insecurities and increase interpersonal connection. Lauren’s success as a fitness professional is rooted in vulnerability and openness. Her coaching style is focused on taking the intimidation factor out of self-care and creates an environment for collective consciousness and connection.

It is an honor and a privilege to be invited to teach at Esalen October 4-6, 2019! Here is a more in-depth description of the Esalen experience from their website:

Esalen is a noun and a verb, a seat of energy, an exhilarating adventure, a wellspring for the mainstream. It is a place of pilgrimage, grounded in a wildly alive environment—the spectacular, unparalleled convergence of mountains and water that is the Big Sur coastline. Esalen also travels the world as an inextinguishable, animating spirit—healing lives and history, sweeping away tired paradigms, and igniting change. There is nothing else like it.

Esalen is not only a retreat center or an educational institute. Anchored by the inspiring beauty of Big Sur and an unparalleled intellectual history, Esalen is a worldwide network of seekers who look beyond dogma to explore deeper spiritual possibilities; forge new understandings of self and society; and pioneer new paths for change.

Whether you come to process personal pain or to embark on a modern-day vision quest, we provide the crucible and catalyst, and workshop leaders whose integrity and skills embody the highest standards of practice. We ask that you become attuned to the here and now, and understand that the relationship between self and world is an intensely communicative process that’s continually created and re-created.

We’ll give you the tools and freedom to unleash latent capacities and find a re-energized sense of purpose—for yourself and for the world. Let’s have an adventure.

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